Modular Kitchen Interior Design & Ideas

Modular Kitchen Interior Design & Ideas

The maximum frequented location of your home, the kitchen, need to be functional, handy and smooth to use. A modular kitchen is one this is made in a manufacturing facility and custom-designed to fit your wishes and budget. It has distinct modulates assembled collectively which can be completed with lots of finishes for a swish look. At Bricktree Interiors we have best  interior designers in trivandrum who have custom designed kitchen interiors for 500+ customers.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

A L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design with A Tiled Backsplash This modular kitchen has floral published tiles that make this area greater charming. Inspired with the aid of using the colours of the sea, this kitchen interiors are soothing to look and spacious to paintings in with its smart storage solutions.

Special Features

An oil pulls out.

A skirting drawer.

Cabinets with frosted glass.

Parallel Shaped Modular Kitchen

This parallel fashioned kitchen designed continues up with Pantone’s shade of 2021. A tiled backsplash brings in amusing and individual to this cooking area.

Special Features

A patterned tiled backsplash in yellow and white makes this area amusing and bright.

Handle less overhead and base shelves lend a continuing look.

Open cabinets to show jars or different small gadgets breaks the monotony of shelves.

A chimney has been constructed into the layout to hold this area smoke free.

U-Shaped Classic Styled Kitchen

This kitchen is designed for large, spacious homes. Ample garage alternative with shelves and drawers assist with higher organisation.

Special Features

An in-built cutlery tray with inside the drawer for smooth organisation

drawer for storing heavy groceries

Built-in dustbin beneath Neath the sink that saves space

White Modular Kitchen Design

A Bold Navy Blue And White Modular Kitchen Design This royal blue and white modular kitchen with floral tiles is for folks who need to make a statement. This kitchen layout with smart garage alternatives makes running less difficult and lots cleaner.

Special Features

An oil and spice pull out.

Bi-fold carry up kitchen wall module.

A tall unit with in-constructed microwave and grill.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

This cutting-edge U- formed kitchen toned in mild espresso and white offers a heat fuzzy feel. This modular kitchen is designed with well laid out shelves and drawers to offer smooth get entry to and free-flowing movement.

Special Features

Wall modules with bi-fold aluminium glass shutters

Open wood shelves

Waste bin pull out.

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Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary kitchen design, Bricktree Interiors can help you.

L-Shaped Kitchen Design with Magnificent Marble and Wood

This contemporary-day kitchen has natural factors inclusive of wood to provide a top-class natural look. Neutral shades are used for a unbroken and smooth appearance. A beneficent use of white marble brings this kitchen to a brand-new stage of elegance.

Special Features

A series of pull out drawers to shop crockery and utensils

A skirting drawer that makes use of useless area beneath

Overhead shelves with open shelf storage

A marble countertop and backsplash

G-Shaped Bold Kitchen Design

This kitchen in contrasting colorations of black and lime inexperienced makes a ambitious statement. A breaksfast counter provides to the multifunctionality of the space.

Special Features

A magic nook unit uses blind corners.

Cabinet with diagnol raise up shutters.

An oil pull-out.

Bottom shelves throughout the whole kitchen offer enough storage.

Urban Modern Kitchen

This kitchen has shelves in lacquered glass and wooden end that lend a contemporary-day but city look. A assertion wall with cubical patterned wallpaper in military blue.

Special Features

Bi-fold shutters shop space.

Pegasus unit.

Pull out trays to attain regions tough to access.

A chimney unit above the stove.